First Typhoon in the Books

It was a crazy first week here with Typhoon Mangkhut welcoming us to Guam. We received a crash course on typhoon preparedness and weathered the storm quite well. Thankfully, the typhoon ended up being a category 1 storm but went on to become a super typhoon that devasted many parts of the Philippines and China. Our prayers go out to all those impacted by the storms in Southeast Asia and back on the eastern coast of the United States.

We were without power for around 24 hours and the winds were impressive. There were many down trees and power lines. It took almost a week to restore power to the entire island and many families lost their homes. Zach’s start date was delayed for two days until the hospital was back to normal. We’re thankful the storm was minor and we can check typhoon off our “to experience” list!

Percy Jackson helps pass the time.

The wind just beginning to blow during Typhoon Manghut.

We made some brownies to fill the time before we lost electricity later that night.


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