The Calm Before the Storm

We're learning all about typhoon preparedness and the various codes used to communicate the typhoon's status. It is much like other weather warning systems but the preparation stage is much longer. We've stocked up on water, canned food, batteries and gasoline and feel as ready as we can be for Typhoon Mangkhut. Our building is made of concrete and we are in a second floor apartment which should protect us from the winds and potential flooding. Zach was scheduled to start work today but that has been delayed at least two days until the storm passes. He is excited because he may get to watch a Packer game. Are you ready for some Monday morning football?

We've stocked up on canned food supplies in case the electricity goes out for several days. P was pleased to learn that SPAM offers a chorizo flavor, one of his favorite foods. There are dozens of flavors available. Maybe we'll try them all before we leave?

Workers at our apartment complex were busy securing garbage bins, air conditioning units and roof wires in preparation for the storm. It was a comfort to hear them working on our building Sunday afternoon.

We saw these three mobile buildings moving out under police escort on Sunday afternoon. Mobile command centers?

We're learning all about the typhoon warning system. COR means condition of readiness. We are now in a COR 1 meaning the storm is within 12 hours of arrival and non-emergency personnel should remain in their homes. Many of the physicians at Zach's clinic are now required to be at the hospital "on call" during the storm.

Comfort baking makes the time indoors go faster.


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