Where did the first month go?

Our beloved and very old Mac computer cracked and died about a month ago. It took several weeks to get a replacement and our blog activity stopped while we waited for a new computer to arrive. We're sorry for the lack of updates.

It has amazing how fast the time has gone. We were able to find a great school for the kids. There are more than 1,000 children from more than 19 countries attending the K-12 Christian school with P and E. The kids have adjusted well to their new environment and are becoming active in the school community. P is starting in a futsol league and taking a Rubik's Cube class. He is determined to learn how to solve the cube. E is taking an after school board game class and continues to read whenever she can. 

We've spent weekends touring the island and are taken with the natural beauty and amazing snorkeling offered on Guam. There are very few mosquitos except when in heavily forested locations. We'll post some more of our explorations in separate posts. 

First day of school pictures. Aren't they cute in their uniforms?


  1. They do look cute in their uniforms! So happy you are enjoying your adventure!


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