We hiked the tallest mountain in the world yesterday

Ok, ok! We didn't hike Everest but technically Mount Lam Lam is tallest mountain on earth as measured from the bottom of the Marianas Trench to its top. Standing at 38,300 feet we felt pretty great about our summit even if we only had to climb the last 1,300 feet. We're becoming regular weekend Boonie Stompers (the name for hiking on Guam). The stomp was hot, cloudy and extremely muddy...some ice cream may have been promised after several shoes were completely submerged in mud. The views from the top were amazing and worth the effort!

The crew was all smiles at the top!

Zach likes to tell the stories of the Ilaid and the Odyssey to pass the time between mud puddles.

P enjoying the views at the top.

E stands by the many crosses that decorate the summit. The Mount Lam Lam trail is used every Good Friday as the islands many Catholics gather to say the stations of the cross in route to the top.

Lam Lam means "lightning."

We're representing our favorite teams!

These photos don't do it justice.

So proud of this gal. When we were almost to the bottom, she said "I had a really good feeling about this."

Hello Pacific Ocean.

Goofy kids!

Everyone was required to remove their shoes before getting back into the car.

It's all good!

Is that a sock tan line? Nope, just dirt!

We were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow on our drive home.

Yes, we did keep that promise for ice cream if they made it to the top. It was worth every bite.


  1. awesome pics! Looks beautiful there and like the family is enjoying Guam. So green compared to WI right about now... Keep the posts coming!


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