Thanksgiving in Korea

This Thanksgiving we swapped the mid-80s and humidity of Guam for the mid-30s and snow flurries of Seoul.  Due to the high volume of Korean tourists visiting Guam, there are several low cost carriers and we were able to find very reasonably priced flights.  We arrived in Seoul Wednesday morning and had a great time exploring the city and surroundings over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Seoul is home to 11M people but we found it to be very welcoming and easily navigated despite the language barrier.  The kids absolutely loved the cultural heritage sites and museums.  We were all blown away by how technologically advanced South Korea has become.  

Evie added to her wardrobe with a traditional outfit.  Zach added to his waistline with plenty of BBQ.  Jane found the fabled "racoon cafe."  Pierce enjoyed rock jumping on the rehabilitated Cheonggyecheon River.  We love Seoul!

The Gyeongbokgung Palace
It's bunny time!

Changing of the Guard.
Princess Evie.
Exploring the Palace.

Snow day, Seoul day.
I call the big one "Bitey"
Rock jumping on the Cheonggyecheon River


  1. Wow Seoul looks awesome...especially Korean BBQ! My mouth is watering for some. What a great Thanksgiving.


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